A transitional kitchen is a buzzword in kitchen design right now. So, what exactly is this kind of kitchen?

As the word indicates, a transitional design is an attempt at balancing the best of the traditional and the contemporary. In other words, it aims to combine the comforts of a conventional kitchen and the sleek styling of a modern one.  It combines the best of both worlds without an unpleasant clashing of styles. Try it when carrying out your next kitchen renovation.

Mixing and matching is an excellent way of creating precisely how you want your kitchen to appear. Here are some tips to help you create a transitional kitchen.

Simple Style Kitchen Cabinets With Sleek Hardware

Cabinets can grab the attention of guests quickly, so they are a big part of your design efforts. A transitional style means your kitchen cabinets must be simple and subdued in design. Cabinets in this design style are always low profile.

To add a touch of modernity, go for sleek and stylish hardware. They must enhance the look of your cabinets naturally. Keeping uniform lines right through the kitchen space will give the whole space a nice contemporary look.

Streamlined Accents

Traditional kitchens integrate several decorative accessories. They do not find a place in contemporary-style kitchens. In a transitional style kitchen, you can have the best of both by blending these styles. Transitional kitchens have simple accents, but they can still make your kitchen stand apart.  Style your kitchen using small decorative items. Ensure clean, geometric lines. They are the hallmark of a transitional kitchen area.

Combine Neutral Colors with Textured Elements

Transitional kitchens are timeless and made that way with the color palette you are using. In this design, whites and grays are the shades that dominate. Beiges look great too. The key to getting the color part right is to keep it neutral yet classy.

If you favor a splash of color here and there, bring them in through the accent pieces or countertops. This can help create a brilliant contrast and even break up that uniform look. White cabinets with a dark quartz countertop can be a brilliant idea. Gray cabinets with a lighter granite countertop can be equally good.

Play Around With Kitchen Accents

Do you find one style more striking than another? You can capitalize on all of your tastes. Your kitchen embellishments and accents are areas that allow you to experiment. A transitional space must generally be decorated using natural or man-made materials. You can choose a natural stone granite countertop, combine some classy cabinets, and experiment with additional design elements such as accessories.

The Role of Textures In A Transitional Design Kitchen

Textures offer a simple way of adding some excitement to your kitchen space. Go creative with material selections to have some fun with the design task. A backsplash with polished marble or tumbled stone is a good idea. Combine with sleek quartz or honed granite for the countertops. The floor tile can also offer exciting detailing opportunities but keep the lines simple. Blend all these elements correctly to make your kitchen remodeling Bahamas project design look stunning.

A Creative Combination Of the Old and the New

If you are having a tough time deciding on a style for your kitchen, then the transitional design is just right for you. This is especially true if you like both contemporary and traditional. If you are using the open space idea that includes the dining room or the living room, going for a transitional design can help you extend the flow of space between the kitchen and these rooms.


As we stated, the foundation of a transitional design is all about merging traditional and contemporary elements. Designers try to combine the old and the new to create something that’s striking and attention-grabbing. There are broad choices about what you want to include, such as color characteristics, patterns and designs, and a host of other elements.

You can add what appeals the best to you about contemporary style. Many prefer a sleek, minimalist layout. Some love to combine dark wood cabinets with ultra-light shades of countertops. Yet others use stainless-steel appliances to bring in a creative element of design. With the transitional design, you can incorporate them all into your kitchen design.

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