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Are you ready to embark on a home transformation journey like never before? Look no further.

Congratulations on discovering the premier kitchen remodeling services in Grand Bahama.

With a legacy of unmatched experience, Specialty Kitchen is here to turn your renovation dreams into a stunning reality. Try our kitchen and bath remodeling services to give shape to your vision of owning the best kitchen and bath in your locality.


Craft your Dream Kitchen and Bathroom with our Experts

As the leading bathroom remodeling services in Grand Bahama, we don’t just remodel spaces – we also make them functional and appealing. Our mission is to infuse creativity, style, and modernity into your kitchen and bathroom, making them the center of attraction of your home.

We work with the idea that the kitchen is not just a place for cooking meals. Your culinary journey deserves the perfect backdrop, and we are the best service to craft it to perfection.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Grand Bahama 

Kitchen transformation can be a mesmerizing experience for our clients with our custom remodeling services in your locality. Claim your share of an artful symphony of design, innovation, and style.

Our years of expertise have helped us hone our skills, making it easy for our design experts to breathe new life into a cozy nook or orchestrate a dazzling overhaul of a culinary kingdom.

  • We keep your aspirations on center stage as we embark on a collaborative journey.
  • We become your confidants, guiding you through each phase of the project.
  • We ensure every detail, from the rustic charm of the backsplash to the sleek elegance of countertops, mirrors your vision.
  • We do all these with a firm eye on your budget.

We invite you to stroll through our showroom, where inspiration can be found in every corner, from exquisite flooring that beckons your feet to fixtures that go beyond conventional styles.  


Bathroom Remodeling in Grand Bahama

Specialty Kitchen is the expert in bathroom transformation in Grand Bahama. When it comes to crafting bespoke bathroom experiences, we set the benchmark high.

  • Our expertise allows us to translate your dreams into bathroom masterpieces seamlessly.
  • We wield our skills with effortless finesse to deliver a modern work of art.
  • We know how to morph a mundane space into a piece of unparalleled beauty.

Our track record of turning outdated spaces into contemporary marvels is unrivaled. We meticulously adorned your bathroom with the latest features and fittings to match your needs. With our team of seasoned bathroom designers by your side, you can be sure the outcome will be a pleasant surprise. 


Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets in Grand Bahama

Planning to elevate your kitchen and bathroom spaces?

Specialty Kitchen has emerged as the ultimate destination for discerning homeowners. Step into a world where quality and artistry combine to create spaces that are not just functional but exquisite expressions of your style.

Selecting kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets is not just a choice. It is the canvas upon which your culinary dreams and creative gastronomic expressions can be painted. The options are abundant – materials, designs, finishes – variety of possibilities that can be highly inspiring.

We offer a treasury of cabinets, each a testament to craftsmanship and style. Contact us for kitchen and bathroom cabinets that offer modern elegance and contemporary styles.


Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops in Grand Bahama

 The quest for the perfect material to grace your kitchen and bathroom countertops can be a thrilling yet challenging experience. Amidst the sea of options, the decision must consider style, resilience, and your budget, a dilemma that beckons expert guidance.

Specialty Kitchen is the expert homeowners turn to for making this crucial decision.

  • Our legacy runs across numerous homes in Grand Bahama
  • We excel in the artistry of new, trendsetting countertops.
  • Our choice of surfaces enhances aesthetics and elevates functionality to new heights.

At Specialty Kitchen, you will discover an array of kitchen and bathroom countertops in Grand Bahama that satisfy your need for style and substance. Choose from the timeless allure of quartz, the rugged charm of granite, the opulent luxury of marble, or the ethereal beauty of glass. Traverse the enchanting landscapes of travertine, the captivating depths of onyx, or the grandeur of Venetian marble. Each slab, a canvas of possibilities, awaits your approval.


Hardware and Accessories

 Are you, like many others, giving scarce attention to hardware and fittings? Think again!

When revitalizing your kitchen and bathroom, hardware and fittings have transformative power. These seemingly small details wield the magic to redefine the essence of your spaces. With the right selection, sinks, faucets, handles, and knobs can score a work of elegance in your bath and kitchen.

Specialty Kitchen presents an exclusive array of hardware and accessories, where every item can be a showpiece in your perfect kitchen and bathroom.

Check out our Trugranite sink collection, where functionality meets style in flawless harmony.  The stunning beauty of our Kohler Faucet collection will take pride in serenading your meticulously crafted bath and kitchen themes.

Do remember that we do not stop at just these offerings. We also extend a guiding hand in making the best choices. Our design experts stand ready to assist, ensuring your choices are not just good but truly exceptional.

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