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Kitchen Renovation

Does your kitchen look out of place from the rest of your home?  It is time to plan a remodeling.

Kitchen renovation can be exciting and challenging as well. Creating a new kitchen by retaining the core of the old elements and innovatively introducing new ones is not easy. The job is best left to professionals.

Specialty Kitchen and Bath is a specialist in kitchen renovation. We draw from our experience of dramatically transforming hundreds of kitchens in the Bahamas to create a spectacular remodeled kitchen for you that you will never stop admiring.

Get Ready For A Truly Pleasant Renovation Experience

We design kitchens that you will be proud of. As the best kitchen remodeling Bahamas service, we can bring to the table a variety of design options. Our reliable and cost-effective kitchen renovation service will be the game-changer you want for your kitchen.

Our team excels in modernizing kitchens.

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Our Approach

We see your kitchen as the most functional area of your home, and that’s why it takes centerstage. We focus on this core principle while working on your kitchen remodeling. Our smart and innovative solutions make your life easy every day and every minute of your time in the kitchen.

Specialty Kitchen and Bath always remain a step ahead in kitchen design than others because of our unrivaled experience. If you are looking to create something new in your kitchen while maintaining the existing high standards, we can help you achieve your goal.

When you choose us, you can expect the best in functionality, design, and customer satisfaction.

Get Everything In One Place

The most significant advantage of choosing our services is that you can get everything needed for your kitchen renovation in one convenient place. We remove the stress of coordinating and communicating with various agencies to get things done the way you want.

With Specialty Kitchen, you just have to provide us with your vision of a refurbished kitchen. We listen very carefully and patiently to your views and input and add our expertise to deliver your dream kitchen – on time and within budget.

Renovations are always overwhelming. More so when it involves a high-activity space like a kitchen. But with Specialty Kitchen, you don’t have to do it alone.

We provide the best kitchen renovation experts who will take the lead in reviving your kitchen. From the early planning to completion and delivery, our team will responsibly handle all aspects with their skills and knowledge.  

We ensure that our clients enjoy a stress-free renovation experience. We help achieve this by:

  • Keeping communication lines open and easily accessible at all times
  • Detailed planning of every step of the renovation project
  • Applying a tested and proven approach customized to match your needs
  • Ensuring the availability of materials, skilled craftsmen, and labor to deliver the project well within the deadline.

Our Services

We specialize in creating a fresh look for your kitchen regardless of its existing layout, design, and style. Choose from our list of kitchen makeover Bahamas services that best match your vision. We offer:

  • Traditional kitchen renovation
  • Small kitchen extension
  • Upgrading modern kitchen
  • Creating a contemporary kitchen
  • Rustic kitchen design ideas and more

Why Choose Us

Our well-oiled and time-tested remodeling system ensures everything runs smoothly. Our team knows how to keep all areas of your renovation organized. If you are not involved physically in the day-to-day work process, we will keep you updated about the various milestones, wherever you may be.

The Secret of Our Success

We love to do things differently and don’t follow the traditional approach to kitchen renovation. As one of the best kitchen renovation services in the Bahamas, we create a secure strategy that prevents the project from going over your budget and time. The secret of our success is extraordinarily detailed planning and perfect execution.

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Does kitchen remodeling take time to complete?

The timeline depends entirely on the type of renovation you want. If the renovation is extensive, it may take even a month. Planning in detail and having an experienced consultant guide you can minimize time wastage and ensure efficiency at every stage.

When should I consider kitchen remodeling?

If you feel the existing design is not serving your needs as effectively as it was done some time back, you must consider a renovation or remodeling. It can help in improving functionality and save you time and effort.

Is kitchen remodeling expensive?

The cost of a kitchen remodeling project will depend on whether you want to renovate partially or extensively. The more elements you involve, the more costly it will be.


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