Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services in Eleuthera, Bahamas

Remodeling your existing facilities to create a modern kitchen and bathroom involves a host of challenges. Combining old and new elements is a surefire way of creating an aesthetic look for your bathroom and kitchen. Minimalist and contemporary components can be creatively combined to add to the kitchen and bathroom’s comfort and convenience.

There are a zillion things to consider while working on a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. You may want to upgrade appliances to enhance functionality or install facelift upgrades such as backsplashes to improve elegance.

Remodeling can also involve giving a facelift to the bath and kitchen cabinetry or replacing your countertops. The flooring can also be worked on to give it a more sophisticated look and style.

Obviously, you cannot plan and execute the remodeling on your own. Choosing a kitchen and bathroom remodeling expert in Eleuthera is the best way to reach your goals.

Kitchen Remodeling in Eleuthera

If your kitchen looks dull and doesn’t inspire you to exhibit the creative side of your cooking, it needs a transformation. Kitchen remodeling is not an easy thing as you must take several things into account. Are you planning to change just the basics, such as cabinet covers, hardware, lighting, and accessories, with a bit of change in the placement of things thrown in? Or are you looking at a bigger refurbishment?

Before you take a decision, understand that your kitchen is the epicenter of all activities of your home. You cannot have a piecemeal approach to kitchen renovation. It is important to look at the big picture. Look at your kitchen as a canvas on which every single element matters. One wrong move can derail your kitchen remodeling project.

Hiring the best kitchen remodeling expert in Eleuthera is recommended to make your kitchen look beautiful again. Kitchen remodeling experts know how to maximize space utility without turning the whole kitchen upside down and spending beyond your budget.

Specialty Kitchen is one of the most experienced kitchen remodeling services in Eleuthera. We can renovate parts of your kitchen or carry out a complete makeover. Call us now to get your dream kitchen project plan underway.  

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Bathroom Remodeling in Eleuthera

Bathrooms may occupy less space compared to other rooms in your home. But they have the highest value of all rooms and hence need special attention. If your bathroom layout, style, design, and utility are not up to your expectation, you can consider making the desired changes. Bathroom remodeling is more complex than kitchen remodeling despite the smaller floor area and size.

There are more plumbing and drainage line running in and out of the bathrooms. A typical bathroom also has more plumbing fixtures and accessories. You must have a detailed remodeling plan to get the best outcome.

Some bathrooms may no longer be compliant with local codes. Other regulatory norms may apply to Eleuthera homes. For this reason, using a remodeling expert is highly recommended. 

Specialty Kitchen is a leading name in bathroom remodeling services Eleuthera. Call us if you want to transform your bathroom and improve space utility and overall functionality.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets in Eleuthera

Are your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets out of sync with the other fittings and designs? Cabinets with an outmoded appearance and style can affect not only functionality but also your enthusiasm.

Cabinets account for a large percentage of your overall remodeling budget. So don’t make a hasty choice. There are many ways of refurbishing your bath and kitchen cabinets. Some may simply need refacing of the surface. Others may need better-looking shutters and accessories.

It can cost you a hefty sum if you want a complete rehaul of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinet installations are available for modern baths and kitchens, but they can put a major dent in your budget.

Specialty Kitchen has extensive experience supplying, refurbishing, and fixing bathroom and kitchen cabinets. We have a wide range of choices in various materials, shades, designs, and sizes. Call us to learn how we can contribute to making your remodeling project a success.

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops in Eleuthera

 Countertops are among the most used spaces in the kitchen and, to a lesser extent, in the bathroom. If your countertops do not look inspiring, you can get them replaced. The best kitchen remodeling service in Eleuthera can help you put the spark back in the kitchen by providing a wide range of countertop materials. You can find one for every style and budget.

kitchen and bathroom countertops must be chosen with extreme care. Whether you want to redesign or upgrade, there are various options available. You can choose from quartz, marble, granite, concrete, and wood. Depending on your needs and budget, we can help you choose the perfect countertop for your remodeled kitchen and bathroom.

At Specialty Kitchen, we specialize in countertop services. Call us if you are looking to remodel your countertops within a limited budget. We can also customize our offers to match your exact needs.

Flooring Tiles in Eleuthera

Your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project is incomplete without considering a revamp of the all-important flooring. Beautiful floorings can transform your rooms and take them to another level. However, with the wide range of options in floor tiles available, there is a good chance that you may falter in your choices.

The best way of avoiding this is to call the best flooring tiles experts in Eleuthera. Specialty Kitchen has been providing high-quality flooring solutions for bathrooms and kitchens in Eleuthera homes with amazing success. Let us survey your rooms and suggest the best floor tiles to meet your design needs, style, and budget.

We offer one of the most comprehensive collections of flooring tiles in Eleuthera. Our professionals will understand your needs and guide you in choosing floor tiles that sync with the other elements of your rooms.

Our collection includes ceramicporcelainmarblewood-look, vinyl, stile porcelain, travertine, slate, thresholds, and sills.

Hardware and Accessories in Eleuthera

Your kitchen and bathroom remodeling is not just about flooring, cabinets, and countertops. You must also take a hard look at the hardware and accessories. They are the most used things in your rooms and lose their initial spark and shine due to constant handling.

You might think choosing hardware and accessories is the easiest part of the remodeling plan. That’s not right. They play an important role in how your kitchen and bathroom shape post-remodeling.

The choices for your kitchen and bathroom hardware and accessories are endless. Finding the best ones can take you a lot of time and effort. We can help you choose the best hardware and accessories to enhance aesthetics without breaking your budget.

At Specialty Kitchen, we offer a vast collection of hardware fittings and accessories.

Our collection of the best brands of sinks, faucets, handles, and knobs are guaranteed to make your bath and kitchen look refreshingly different.

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