Wood Artistry

Nature appeals to us because of its infinite variety of imperfections – when we look at wood, we want to see the randomness that gives it character.

At Specialty Kitchen, we bring life to fine wood cabinetry by working with the natural beauty of wood.

Grain– general direction of the fibers that gives wood a unique pattern and defines its character

  • Varieties include straight, spiral, interlocking, wavy or curly
  • Grain plays with light in different ways, affecting the perception of color
  • Should be used to determine the cabinetry finish – a rich grain should not be obscured by an opaque finish
  • “Grain” is also used to describe how the wood is cut or worked – “against the grain,” “with the grain” or “across the grain” — which determines how the wood accepts stain.

Mineral Streaks– dark brown to black area where the tree absorbed nutrients

  • Quantity varies from board to board, giving depth to custom kitchen cabinets, doors, drawers and panels
  • Especially evident in lighter woods and with lighter stains or natural finishes

Movement– expansion and contraction of wood as it absorbs and gives off moisture

  • Some hardwoods, such as cherry and maple, are more sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Because of this natural movement, painted finishes may show hairline cracks at joints in cabinets or doors.

Natural Color– varies depending upon species from shades of white, green, red and black

  • Important factor in determining custom cabinetry’s finished color
  • A light base and transparent stain allow color variations to show
  • Darker stains will be affected by the natural color of the wood
  • Variations in grain, texture and color, will affect how a stain/finish appears
  • Kitchen lighting and the angle at which it hits the wood will affect the appearance of the cabinetry wood color.
  • Depending on the species, cut, and finish, most wood darkens as it ages
  • Environmental conditions – ultraviolet light, cleaning chemicals, smoke – also affect color, making it difficult to exactly duplicate an existing finish when adding or replacing cabinets.

Variety in life. Variety in nature. Specialty Kitchen & Bath— custom cabinetry as unique as you are.