If you are not happy with the design and style of your bathroom, you can consider a renovation. It is one of the smallest areas of your home, and hence bathroom renovations pose multiple challenges.

Minor changes like upgrading the lights, changing the faucets, or even replacing the cabinets to create extra space can be easily performed without professional help. However, if you are planning a major remodeling, you must hire a professional bathroom remodeling Bahamas expert.

If you are doing it for the first time, you may run into many obstacles that you never knew existed. Be aware of these ten most common mistakes homeowners commit during bathroom renovations.

Not Setting A Budget

A budget is the basic requirement of any project, big or small because it will help you control your finances at all times. Without a budget, you may overspend and end up buying more expensive materials or fixtures than you intended.

Going over budget can also cause delays in your bathroom renovation project. If you run out of funds, you may have to put the project on hold until funds come in again. Without setting a budget, you may not be able to afford to complete your bathroom renovation as planned, as you will be forced to compromise on some areas or leave certain items unfinished.

Starting Off Without A Plan

Without a bathroom renovation plan, you may not know what to achieve with your bathroom renovation. This can result in wasting time and money, inefficient use of valuable resources, and endless delays plus cost overruns. A lack of a plan can result in mismatched colors and styles, creating a jarring look.

A lack of planning can also lead to safety risks, as the plumbing and electrical systems may get compromised. You may also end up violating safety rules and building codes.

Not Accounting For Storage Space

Most bathroom renovation projects involve creating additional storage space apart from boosting aesthetics. If you have not considered adding storage space, you can significantly lose on the functionality part.

Your bathroom renovation plan must include provision for storage space for things like cosmetics, toiletries, and towels. Adding storage space does not mean using cabinets and shelves. You can add corners or hooks or stylish rods too.

Skipping The Ventilation Element

This is a common problem faced in most bathrooms. You might spend a limited time in the bathroom, but the space needs ventilation and a good one too. It ensures the exchange of bad air for good one and keeps the bathroom smelling pleasant. The presence of fresh air also prevents mold growth.

Choosing Multiple Types of Tiles

Selecting multiple styles of tiles for your bathroom may create a disjointed look and make the bathroom look cluttered. The overall effect can be distracting. Choose one or two types of tiles that complement each other in color, texture, and style. It helps create a more harmonious look that ties your bathroom together. With the complementing style of tiles, there is a sense of flow and the feeling of a larger space within the bathroom.

Overlooking Drainage Needs

Overlooking the drainage needs of your bathroom can lead to several complications that can be both inconvenient to handle and costly to fix. When water from the bathroom doesn’t drain out properly, it can damage your bathroom floor, walls, and even the ceiling below. Water accumulation can also lead to mold growth, a major health hazard.

Clogged drains can emit a foul odor, creating an unpleasant situation in the bathroom. The problem can be highly challenging if you have poor ventilation. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, which can pose health hazards to you and your family. It can also adversely affect the value of your property.

Not Using Innovative Lighting Methods

Your bathroom is where you spend time getting ready for the busy day ahead. That’s why you need enough lighting inside the bathroom. Design experts recommend layering your lighting for the best outcome. A single overhead light or a sconce above the mirror will be insufficient for an average-sized bathroom. Layering is the best solution.

Layering lighting involves creating a balanced lighting scheme by combining different lighting fixtures to get the desired lighting effect. The aim is to create a variety of lighting levels in a space instead of relying on a single light source.

Ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting are some layered lighting used in homes, especially in bathrooms.

Not Investing in Quality Finishes

While planning a bathroom renovation, fixture and hardware finishes are among the low-priority items for most homeowners. However, it is essential to plan for fixtures and other items right at the beginning of the renovation project. Quality finishes may cost you more, but they are designed to last a lifetime, require minimal care, and offers high functionality.

Choosing Incompatible Materials

Choosing incompatible materials for a bathroom renovation can create multiple problems.

Incompatible materials can also react with each other and also to specific situations in the bathroom leading to staining and discoloration. Some types of tile may react with grout or adhesive, resulting in staining or discoloration.

They may also create a bad visual effect, making your bathroom appear unappealing, unfinished, or poorly designed.

Not Taking Clearances Into Account

When you plan a bathroom renovation, plan for proper clearances. You know how many people will use your bathroom and access it at one time. The shower and bath controls should be accessible from the bathing area. Your cabinets, shelves, and towel stands must all be placed according to the needs of the users.

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