A traditional bathroom with a bathtub, a toilet fixture, and a sink was regarded as complete in earlier times, but not now!

The modern bathroom is an expansive space with lots of additions such as shower enclosures, creative lighting, a wide range of fixtures, and more. Bathroom cabinets also play a key role in the designing or remodelling of the modern bathroom.

You must take into account the size and design of your bathroom cabinets based on the overall area of the bathroom and the number of members using it. You must also decide on appropriate material to be used in the making of the cabinets.


The Size

The size of your bathroom cabinet should complement the size of the bathroom – not too big, not too small. While taking measurements, you must know that there is standard height and comfort height. The former works for all members of the family regardless of height. Comfort height is a modern idea. It’s about three to four heights taller than the 32-36 inch standard cabinet height. The extra inches take care of reach and access, making it easy for you to use the cabinet.


The Width

The width of your bathroom cabinet will depend on whether you want a single or double sink cabinet. According to modern designers, single sinks are history. Double sink vanity cabinets can not only create a grander look but also provide lots of additional space. You can try this in the master bathroom where there is more space for experimentation. You can even have a sink for your exclusive use when you choose a double sink.


The Depth

Bathroom cabinets with good depth can store more than a few essentials. You can not only keep the daily routine things but also heavy equipment such as hairdryer, hair straightening tools, and cosmetics with ease. In fact, a cabinet with a good depth can act as a trigger for more shopping episodes. Shallow cabinet spaces will force you to compromise and make finding things a struggle, especially when you are in a tearing hurry.


The Trends

The ideal bathroom cabinet will take in everything to make your bathroom look clutter-free and attractive. When you are using a double bathroom cabinet, you need to focus on making it look really cool. Take a look at what is trending and incorporate the same in your bathroom cabinets.

More homeowners are now looking at minimalist design. It helps create a sense of space and openness in the bathroom. Also, you should go for basic but attractive hardware and clean lines.

The drawers can be a combination of open and closed shelving.

Open shelving might attract curious eyes; but, there are so many types of materials available now that can make open cabinets look uber cool. You can use them for essentials such as brushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, lotions, and other similar products.

Color is another important factor. Choose bathroom cabinet colors carefully. Your creative side can come to the fore here. Single colors will look good but some brilliant combos that are in sync with the other things in the bathroom can be that differentiating factor between an average and an extraordinary bathroom.


A mix of cabinets and drawers is the right way to design your bathroom. It can help in making your bathroom beautiful and remarkably functional as well.

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