The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home in terms of size. Yet, its visual impact can be huge. Changing the design and décor of a space as small as your bathroom can dramatically transform that space’s look if you use the right design elements.

Many homeowners are unsure what type of tiles to choose while renovating or remodeling their bathrooms. It is important to select the bathroom floor tiles wisely to achieve the dream look you were always yearned for. Using expert guidance is always a good thing to do when choosing the right tiling for bathroom floors.

Most design experts suggest that the bathroom floor be kept simple and straightforward. Neutral flooring designs can look great on any bath floor, regardless of the other fittings provided.

Here are the pros and cons of various types of bathroom flooring tiles Bahamas.

Ceramic Tiles


Ceramic Tiling is the commonly used floor tiling for bathrooms. They are easy to fix, maintain, and clean. The ceramic surface is robust, stain-proof, and waterproof, making it the perfect material for bathroom flooring. Modern ceramic tiles are slip-resistant, making them the best choice for your bathroom floors.


Ceramic tiles can give you cold feet, especially during winter. They must be paired with a floor heating system before the tiling is fixed to eliminate this problem which means an additional cost.

Another drawback is that cutting, installing, and laying the hard ceramic tiles may take time. You may lose some tiles to wastage if the cutting is not perfect and your tile fixing professional is not using the right tools.

Marble Tiles

Marble has been used as a tiling material for many years. It is a unique product because each slab extracted from the Earth has its unique design and pattern. The veins and shades are specific traits that every piece of marble can claim for itself. High-end marble slabs and tiles have an even color palette. They look elegant and smooth.


Marble tiles are easy to handle and work with as they are soft and can be effortlessly machined and drilled.

It can be used for various other things in the bathroom, such as shelves, counters, and moldings.


As marble is a soft stone, it is very absorbent and may get stained with colors from dyes and some types of hair colors easily.

It may get etched by harsh chemicals used for cleaning bath tiles and floorings.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl has some of the best features of ceramic tiles. It is waterproof, stainproof, and easy to clean. If you choose a premium brand, it can be the best option for your bathroom flooring tiles. Vinyl is also easy to clean and maintain. They can be ordered in a variety of colors and is easy to handle and install.


Bathroom floor tiling can be completed quickly as vinyl tiles and is easy to cut and install

They are available in multiple textures and shades

Nearly all vinyl tiles have neoprene backing, which makes slipping accidents rare.


Vinyl tiles may attract dirt which can settle into their seams and spoil the look.

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