Are you looking for the best floor tiles to refurbish and renovate your home? You have some wonderful options now. There have been some major developments in the tiling industry, leading to the creation of highly stylish, creative, and durable tiles. There are neatly segmented tile categories as well for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and even the exteriors such as pathways and patios.

In 2022, you will have even more exciting options in flooring tiles Bahamas, as the trend toward creative floor tiling continues.

While the emphasis on stunning designs and shapes will continue, the new trend will include brilliant looks and smarter finishes.

Modern floor tiles are designed with an emphasis on fine detailing, a fine mix of colors, and creative shapes and sizes. The textures, too, are undergoing some serious changes.

You will have a wide range of options to choose from in the flooring market. The traditional wood, tile, ceramic, and porcelain flooring tiles are popular choices, but in 2022 you will have other options too.

Wood-Look Tiles

The use of advanced technology in the tile-making process has made it possible for leading manufacturers to make even ceramic tiles appear rock-solid as stone tiles. You can buy tiles that look like wood but are ceramic tiles treated differently to appear like natural or polished wood.

You can buy tiles that appear like distressed wood surfaces, complete with the wire-brushed or hand-scraped appearance.

Hand-scraped wood-look tile has a rustic appearance and typical long, ingrained scrapes. The makers ensure there are high variations between planks. Each plank thus appears handcrafted and unique.

On the other hand, wire-brushed wood-like tile has the appearance of slight wire scratches. These are deliberately created imperfections to create the appearance of natural wood tiles.

Distressed wood-like tiles are crafted to make them look like they have suffered wear and tear. They are creatively ‘damaged’ to make them appear like they have knots, burns, and wormholes. These designs give the tile an aged and antique look.

Stone-Look Floor Tiles

Stone tiles or stone-look floor tiles are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. With the demand for these tiles growing continuously, many manufacturers are exploring creative options to provide customers with more options in this niche. You can buy stone-look tiles in limestone, travertine, and slate.

Stone-look tiles have a timeless element to them. They look elegant and can give wood-look tiles some serious competition.

Marble-Look Tile Flooring

Marble is one natural stone that has never been out of style. They might lose some sheen when a new type of floor tile makes its appearance in the market. But marble tiles have always bounced back and reclaimed their deserving place in the tile market. Without a doubt, it is the evergreen hero among tiles.

Marble is known for its clean, elegant looks and is a hot favorite of those who have a reasonably decent budget for their floor renovation. There is a reason why marble is associated with fine elegance. It’s expensive and for those with a refined sense of style.

But there is some excellent news awaiting you in 2022. Pushing innovation to the hilt, ceramic tile makers have mastered the process of making these tiles look exactly like marble, complete with the smooth look and even the little blemishes associated with natural stones.

Marble-look tiles are the automatic choice for bathrooms and kitchens, but they can look great anywhere in your home. These tiles cost much less than the original ones, but they can make you look rich!

Marble is yet another timeless tile. If you want your flooring to look stylish in 2022, go for the marble-look tiles.

Concrete-Look Tile Flooring

Did you know that designers are falling back to concrete tiles to create a contemporary look for your home flooring? Do you think it is not a good idea? Just wait till you see such interiors. It helps create a warm and rustic look that will work in 2022 as well.

But you need not go looking for real traditional concrete tiles. The trend now is to use concrete-look tiles. It can provide a trendy touch to your home, but it can also create an aesthetic look. Try this one if you want to give your flooring a genuinely creative touch in 2022.

Terrazzo Tile Flooring

Terrazzo was primarily used in commercial establishments in the past. But in recent years, terrazzo tiles have made a transition from industries to homes.

Yes, that is right, and the primary reason for its growing popularity is that manufacturers can create the terrazzo look in porcelain tiles. It is an out-of-the-box designing approach you can try at your home. It will not cost you much!

What Floor Tile Colors Are Trending in 2022?

In 2021, the choice of floor tiling colors veered towards cool tones and light colors. That trend will continue in 2022 as well. You might even see a whitewashed clean look for floor tiles meaning more of the marble-look variety. It is unlikely that you will see the usual favorites like red, yellow, and orange.

Homeowners turn to floor tiles that provide a sense of coolness and serenity to their homes. And we are seeing tile makers providing them precisely what they need in terms of colors.

Go For Gray

The demand for gray flooring tiles Bahamas, and its variants, such as gray wood, has been growing impressively over the past few years. Gray tiles in stone looks are also in demand. Like glass tiles, they too look chic and set the tone for upping the cool look factor. They provide a neutral backdrop and lend the perfect setting for decorating in virtually any color.

White Looks Great Too

The whitewashed look for flooring is a trend catching up across the country. They are the best fit for large homes with sprawling flooring. It can lend an even more comprehensive look. You can mix other darker shades creatively with white tiles to make the flooring look even smarter.

Blue Is Cool

Blue is a versatile color. Blue is associated with cool and calmness, but it can be energetic too. It just depends on how you use it. A gray-blue combine is also a nice way to express your awareness of stylishness.


All these cool tones are expected to trend in the flooring market in 2022. If you are planning to do your home’s flooring tiles Bahamas again, remember these trends. It will help you stay cool and stylish. And you will earn accolades as well. As is evident, many developments are happening in the flooring industry. You have a broader range of options when you go searching for the right tile for your home in 2022. If you are still not sure, use the services of an expert like Specialty Kitchen Bahamas.