You might think about what’s so tricky and challenging about cleaning granite countertops. You are not alone. Many people believe granite is easy to clean and maintain, and that’s why this premium stone is highly recommended for kitchen countertops.

There are lots of tips and advice available on the web about the right way of cleaning and disinfecting granite countertops. Some talk about homemade solutions, while others recommend an extraordinary cleaner to be used only on granites.

However, there is no real need to use any special cleaners to get your kitchen countertops squeaky clean and shiny. Before we get into the details, you must know a few facts about granite cleaning.

The Granite Countertop Must Be Sealed

Granite is a tough material. If left unsealed or improperly sealed, the surface will absorb the spills and stains and weaken after a few years. How to check if your granite is sealed? Spill a few drops of water on the kitchen and bathroom granite countertops. If it binds up, the granite is sealed. If it gets soaked, you must reseal the stone.

Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners

Many cleaning products are available on the market with harsh chemicals and abrasive elements. They may clean up the granite surface quickly, but it will make the stone appear dull when used regularly. It will also weaken the sealant. Acidic cleaners containing ammonia and bleach materials must not be used.

Always Clean With a Soft Cloth

Despite the granite surface being tough, it is advisable to use a soft cloth to wipe away stains and soap water after cleaning. A microfiber cloth is ideal for daily wiping.

Disinfecting Granite Countertops

If the granite countertop in your kitchen is well-sealed granite, it will not allow bacteria or fungus to breed on it. Ensure that you clean the surface regularly with slightly warm water and dish soap. That will keep the surface adequately sanitized. If you really feel like disinfecting the granite surface, spray mild isopropyl alcohol (70 percent). Allow the solution to remain on the surface for three to five minutes, and then rinse with water. Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the surface dry.



Points To Note While Using Alcohol For Cleaning

Research reveals that alcohol loses its ability to kill bacteria and germs sharply when diluted below 50 percent of its concentration. It works best as a disinfectant at 60 to 90 percent. Using 70 percent isopropyl alcohol is highly recommended for best results.

Special Granite-Safe Cleaner – Do You Need It?

The market is flooded with special granite cleaners, each claiming to be a unique formulation with magical granite cleaning capabilities. Some all-purpose surface cleaners also claim to be great for granite cleaning. If you come across such brands, there is no harm in trying them to clean your granite countertops. However, experts are of the opinion that you don’t really need these expensive ‘special’ granite cleaners. Most of them rely on marketing gimmicks to entice you.

Select a cleaning solution of a reputed brand and follow the steps recommended below to make your kitchen granite countertop look shiny and clean.

You will need the following things:

  • Warm water
  • Dish soap (gentle variety)
  • A clean dish cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A clean spray bottle

Follow These Instructions

Fill your clean sink with warm water, add the dish soap, and work up some lather. Wet the clean dish cloth.

Wipe the granite countertops in systemic motions. Use the cloth to clean the surface as you would clean any other hard surface. Wipe away gently to remove any spills or crumbs sitting on the countertop.

Use the microfiber cloth to dry the surface. This is a crucial step to avoid streaking. The microfiber cloth must be used dry the countertop thoroughly and remove any traces of stains and streaks.

How to Disinfect The Granite Countertop

Just cleaning the kitchen granite countertop might not be enough. You must also disinfect the surface regularly to keep it free from microbes and bacteria. This can be done after you have removed all traces of soap residue.

Fill the clean spray bottle with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. Spray the solution on the granite surface. Allow it to stay on the surface for a few minutes, and then rinse with water. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove the remaining moisture.

That’s it. Your kitchen granite countertop is now clean, bacteria-free, and shiny as new.