Have you given any thought to what’s being displayed on your kitchen counter? If not, take a look. In most instances, there is always room for improvement and to make your countertop look better. It depends on choosing the correct decorative elements – and they need not be expensive. They can be functional or decorative, or a mix of both.

Your kitchen countertop Bahamas is the piece-de-resistance that grabs the most attention. It’s where your friends and relatives rest their gaze while appreciating your kitchen design. That’s why you must give your countertop a unique look.

Here are some unique ideas on how to decorate kitchen counters. But before you start shopping for countertop decorations, make sure you remove all the unwanted things cluttering the space. Deep cleaning is a welcome idea. Another simple rule you must follow – the small stuff you purchase for countertop decoration must also have functional value.

A Decorative Tray

Place an attractive colorful decorative tray in the corner of the countertop. It can hold all the essentials you frequently need, such as spoons, pepper grinder, olive oil can, butter dish, and so on. A small plant will help add to the countertop’s look and freshen the air around you.

Pretty Soap Dispensers

Look for some sleek glass soap dispensers instead of plastic bottles. It will help in keeping the sink area nice and clean. Make sure they fit within the space you plan to keep them. You can go creative in your choice; the fancier, the better.

Live Plants

Plants provide you with the best option to decorate your countertop and other areas of your kitchen. Choose small potted plants that do not need much maintenance. Go for plants that generate oxygen, if possible. It will make your kitchen a more breathable space.

Brass Wired Baskets

Baskets can be excellent organizers. On your countertop, they will look even better. Go for the wired types; if you can get your hands on the polished brass types, it’s even better. Your fresh fruits and some types of veggies can be placed in these baskets for added effect.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are an indispensable part of every kitchen and can serve as excellent style elements. Hand-made wooden cutting boards or French-style boards can effortlessly add to the look of your countertop.  It can be the perfect complement to dark cabinets or granite countertops.

Fresh Fruit Display

This is a foolproof way of making any space in the kitchen look good, but fresh fruits arranged neatly can make your countertop come alive. Use a broad white plate to keep colorful fruits like red apples and fresh limes spruce up your countertop. It is also a nice way to remind yourself that you need a healthy snack after whipping up wholesome delicacies for the family.

Show Off Your Favorite Cookbook

Don’t put it on the shelf if you have a beautiful cookbook with bright covers and brilliant design. Your kitchen counter is the right place for such stuff. Display your cookbook prominently on a custom wooden shelf at the end of the counter. Your guests will feel great when they discover you are using a cookbook to experiment with your cooking. A cookbook can help bring authenticity into your kitchen space.

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