Getting your color theme right is crucial if you want to succeed in your kitchen designing or remodeling project. And it would be best if you got it right at the planning stage itself. It will be a terrible mistake to decide on the color theme when your kitchen remodeling is already off the ground.

You will find it extremely challenging to bring together the different items and present them as a beautiful masterpiece.

Why You Must First Decide On the Kitchen Countertop

Planning the colors of your kitchen ensures that it gets that much-needed synchronized look. There are three most important areas you must focus on. They are the flooring, the cabinets, and the all-important countertop.

They all must be color-coordinated to complement one another if you aim for a kitchen that exhibits class and elegance.

Your choice of colors can be a mix of dominant and complimentary colors. The dominant colors will be the canvas on which the complementary colors will work as art pieces.

It is not uncommon to see designers experiment with a combination of black-white color schemes. It is a guaranteed way of creating a classic look for the entire kitchen.

At the same time, it also allows you to experiment with countertops and cabinet designs of different types.

Gives You The Room To Be Flexible With Color Choices

Choosing the right countertop is recommended before you decide on the kitchen cabinets. If you choose the countertop after you make a decision about the floor and cabinets, coordinating them can prove to be a challenge.

By choosing the countertop first, you get the freedom to make subtle changes to the color scheme and design of the other areas if needed.

Also, the countertop is the signature piece in every kitchen and holds pride of place. This is another reason you must choose the countertop before deciding the design and color of the cabinets and the flooring.

If your budget allows you to indulge in some splurging, you can order the best countertop to fit in your chosen color theme.

The choices may range from marble, granite, stainless steel, laminated tops and even quartz. When you have decided on the kitchen countertop’s color, style, texture, and style, you can start shopping for matching modular kitchen cabinets or readymade cabinets. You can choose from different designs and styles.

Kitchen Cabinets – Your Options

Your budget is the only thing that might come in the way of choosing the best set of custom kitchen cabinets. If you have allocated a specific amount for the cabinets, selecting ones that completely complement the countertop becomes easy.

How To Get Your Choice Right

Functionality is another important aspect you must consider when choosing cabinetry. You must consider your kitchen storage and work needs, what kind of tools and utilities you need, and how you will store them for easy and convenient access.

So, you need to decide how many chambers and drawers you would like to have. The size of the cabinet must be taken into account based on the size of your kitchen.

You can also customize cabinets to match the design and utility needs.

The choices are framed cabinets and frameless cabinets, and the ones with different kinds and styles of hinges, door types, and knobs. Try to accessorize the cabinetry in different ways using your creativity.  

When you have succeeded in creating the right sync between the countertop, the cabinets, and the floor, you can be sure your kitchen has that perfect look. The focus must be on complementing the colors, styles, and designs. This will help you develop a kitchen where you can let loose your other side of creativity – in making the most delectable cuisines for your loved ones.

If you are not sure how to do it right, call in the experts. Specialty Kitchen Bahamas with its highly skilled designers, fabricators, and installers can help you make the right choices.