Wooden cabinets may not be the most recommended item for your bathroom because even the best wood material can sag or become bloated when exposed to moisture incessantly. However, modern designers seem to favor the use of wood bathroom cabinets because of their natural beauty and timeless designs.

Using materials like solid hardwood, you can easily overcome the usual problem faced in wooden furniture. Solid wood is known for its ability to expand and shrink with changing humidity.

Cleaning bathroom wood cabinets may pose a challenge. While wood is undoubtedly durable, it also needs regular and proper high maintenance. In a bathroom, where there is a constant presence of moisture, wood cabinets need more careful handling. Apart from frequent dusting, you must also do regular cleaning to keep your wood bathroom cabinets looking new and shiny.

These tips can help you circumvent this problem easily.

Use a Wood Cleaner

A good brand of wood cleaner can come in handy in keeping the wooden bath cabinet clean and shiny. Most wood cleaners do an excellent job of removing dirt and stains from the wooden surfaces. You can choose a premium oil-soap wood cleaner. They are priced higher but do a great job of keeping your wood bathroom cabinets clean. They are generally recommended for removing tough and stubborn grime. Use for deep cleaning or use a very diluted form.

Apply the wood cleaner using a soft cloth in a gentle, circular motion without putting much pressure on the wooden surface. Use a clean cloth to remove the residual dirt and get the shine back on your bath wood cabinets.

Use Soap and Warm Water

Soap and water mixture is your everyday cleaning solution and offers the easiest way of keeping bathroom cabinets clean and sparkling. Mix dish soap with slightly warm water and use a sponge to wipe the dirt down from the bath cabinets. Always wipe clean the extra moisture using a clean, dry cloth. You will see a remarkable change in the appearance of your bath wood cabinets.

Use White Vinegar and Water

If your bathroom vanities are not too dirty, you can use this mild cleaning solution and get the desired results. Vinegar and water is a dependable and proven cleaning solution that can help remove settled grime from cabinet surfaces. It is safe to use every day, but you must make sure the mixture is properly diluted. Also, make sure you wipe clean any leftover moisture.

Furniture Polish

Moisture can affect the quality and durability of your Bahamas bathroom vanities. Trapped humidity is always present in the bathroom. It can bring about a change in the appearance of the cabinets. Use furniture polish to keep your cabinets looking fresh and new. Wood polish works by polishing and sealing the material. It creates a barrier that works in keeping humidity away. Use the best quality furniture polish for the best results.

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