If you are planning a remodeling of your kitchen and bathroom, make sure you take out the time needed to focus on the project. The job can be complex and may leave you overwhelmed at times. Involving professional designers from the best kitchen renovation services in Bahamas and educating yourself on the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom designing in the Bahamas can help you make the right moves.

Check out these remodeling tips to know how to shape your project.

Review Your Current Space

Before taking the initial steps, review the existing bathroom and kitchen space and find out what you want from the kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. Are you not happy with the present layout? Are you looking at more storage space? Do you plan to boost the value of your home? When the objectives are clear in your mind, you will be able to make informed decisions.

Always have a few images of your current bathroom and kitchen, and remember to carry them to the dealer. It will help them make suitable recommendations. Also, they can be good reference points to help you judge the ‘before’ and ‘after’ differences in your remodeling project.

Plan Your Budget

Setting a remodeling budget is also a critical part of the planning when you plan to remodel your bathroom and kitchen.

Deciding on a budget and a break-up of how much you can spend for various remodel components will help you remain in control at every stage of the project. The cabinets are the most expensive components in most kitchen and bath remodeling projects. They account for nearly 30 percent of the budget. Labor and countertops are the next most expensive elements. You must also factor in other aspects such as fittings and appliances and wall coverings to make the budget a practical and workable one.

Make a Checklist

It is important to create a remodel checklist. It will ensure you have not missed any crucial elements of the remodeling project. The checklist will also help you choose the right styles and designs for the things you need in the bathroom and kitchen. You can also include a section of queries you may want to ask your designer.

Steps To Change the Appearance of Your Rooms

Consider the overall design for your space.

  • Do you want to retain the overall design style or create a new one?
  • Are you planning to upgrade some elements such as the cabinets, accessories, lighting, and painting while retaining the flooring and countertops?
  • What do you plan to do with the fixtures and appliances?

Consult your designer or ask for advice from your dealer to make the best use of your space while creating a dramatic difference in your bathroom and kitchen appearance.

The Layout Ideas

When you have created space in the bathroom and kitchen, you must find ways of boosting functionality. The usage will depend on your needs and interests. If you love experimenting with your cooking, you may add more appliances and accessories to the newly created spaces.

In the bath, you can arrange shampoos and hair dryers to be more easily accessible than before.

If you plan to add furniture to the space, check how the layout will have to be utilized to accommodate these additions.

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