Why should choosing kitchen cabinets be such a complicated thing? What are they, if not boxes, to hold your kitchen stuff in an organized manner, right?

Wrong! Kitchen cabinets are not merely spaces to put away your kitchen things. They play a crucial role in that space and could be the reason why you can work so efficiently every day. Wrong choices of kitchen cabinets can not only mar the look of your kitchen but also put a spanner in your work process.

That’s why you must research your options while choosing kitchen cabinets.

But how do you know what’s best for your home? Let us guide you. Here are a few things you must know before choosing kitchen cabinets.

Begin With The Drawers

Cabinets with doors and shelves are passe. Cabinets with drawers are trending, and there are many reasons for this.

  • When you pull out a drawer, you will quickly find the things you are looking for. A shelf doesn’t give you broad visibility.
  • With a drawer, you don’t have to stoop down to find things because it will reveal everything in there when you pull it out.
  • The drawer helps create more organized space than shelves and is 10X more functional.

Focus On The Upper Cabinets or Shelves

Open shelving has proved to be a better option than upper cabinets, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Exposed shelves can present a very unorganized kitchen as most of the random, unused stuff finds its way up there. Balancing upper cabinets with open shelves is a good and balanced idea.

  • The upper cabinets can accommodate random things that are not frequently used.
  • The open shelves can be used for displaying your favorite kitchen possessions.
  • It helps you get a clean, well-organized kitchen.

Full Overlay Or Inset Doors – Which One Is Better

A crucial aspect of kitchen cabinets relates to the use of full overlay doors or inset doors. Don’t know the difference?

Full-overlay doors are fixed using hidden European hinges. They cover the cabinet edges completely when closed. The doors and drawer fronts have little space in between as they can be placed adjacent to each other. They create a modern appearance.

Inset doors and drawer fronts have a larger face frame covering the cabinet edges. The hinges are exposed, and there is space between the frame and the edges.

Now that you know the difference, you can take a call on whether to go for full overlay or the more traditional inset door.

You also have the option of using half-overlay doors. Here, the cabinets have a face frame concealed partially by overlapping doors. However, this style is fast disappearing.

The important thing is to decide the look you prefer.

Want Panels For Your Appliances? It’s Trending!

Covering refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances with cabinetry panels to make them disappear (or blend with the décor, in this case) is the latest kitchen design trend. It makes the kitchen appear like a communal room and creates a neat look.

Nowadays, panel-ready appliances are available. They come without any exterior shutter but are designed to accept custom cabinets.

The other option is to go for stainless steel appliances if you want your kitchen to look like a professional one – well-planned, clean, and sleek.

What’s Your Choice For Finishes

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be ordered in many types of finishes. You can choose from metal, solid wood, laminate, wood veneer, and paint. Keep your style preferences, budget, and durability factor in mind while deciding.

Stainless steel and solid wood doors are designed for rough use and last longer than wood veneer, but you must loosen your purse strings more.

Laminate is a strong thing, but it may disappoint you in the looks department. A painted look is preferred because of the flexibility it offers. The doors can be touched up or even repainted when needed.

English cabinets are a hot choice for modern kitchen designers as they come with a hand-painted finish. They can be repainted if they look jaded and you want to make them look new again or you want to have a fresh, new color in your kitchen.

The Hardware – They Are Important Too!

While shopping for hardware for kitchen cabinets, you will come across myriad handles, including knobs and handles in various forms. It’s a common practice to mix knobs and handles – using knobs on doors and smaller drawers and sturdy handles on larger drawers and appliance panels.

Whether you want to go for hardware with an expressive look or a subtle one will depend on what kind of look you want for the finished cabinets. You can even remove exterior hardware by fixing finger pulls or touch lathes.

Remember To Create Some Space For The Extras

Make your kitchen more classy and appealing by going beyond basic cabinets. Go for a combined drawer that can take in the trash and recycled items.

Small appliances generally occupying countertop space, such as toasters, kettles, and coffee makers, can add to the cluttered look. Get a large cabinet with space for outlets to accommodate the smaller appliances. You can place a custom marble top for hiding things like the toaster or the coffee maker. They can be placed at the same height as the counter.

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